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Improve focus & concentration

Relieve academic anxiety

Learn helpful breathing techniques for test-taking

Maintain physical health

Find calm amidst stress

Improve self-esteem and body image

Ease the transition to college

The unprecedented pressure high school students face in the cutthroat college admissions process feeds a cycle of stress and anxiety, which can ultimately sabotage a student's academic success. Students often burn-out and collapse, or turn towards less wholesome recreational activities.

Contrary to contemporary attitudes, stress is not the secret to success. We do not perform at a higher level academically and professionally when we are tight, anxious, and stressed, but rather when we are focused, calm, loosened-up, and breathing on a regular basis.

Sari Heifetz has developed private yoga classes designed specifically for high school students and their needs during school and the transition to college. classes are beneficial in particular to students with attention difficulties, learning differences and self-esteem or body image issues.

Give the kid a well-deserved weekly break to collect his or her thoughts and center of attention. You'll see better grades and less reckless behavior, let alone a happier teen!

Click below for a New York Times article on the benefits of yoga for high school students...

Please allow 24 hours notice for cancellations and rescheduling.
Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the full class amount.